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5 Benefits of At-Home EV Charging Stations

Unlike gas-powered vehicles that require you to always go to a gas station to refill your car, electric vehicles (EVs) give homeowners the opportunity to charge their vehicles at home. If you own an EV, you can install an at-home EV charging station to protect your EV’s battery, save money, and even raise the value of your home. While you decide if an at-home EV charging is right for you, learn more about the top benefits of investing in one.

1. Greater Convenience

One of the top advantages of investing in an at-home EV charging station is the greater convenience it can give you. When you don’t have an EV charging station, you’ll need to drive to a public charging station whenever your vehicle needs charging. Besides making you leave your home to charge your vehicle, public charging stations can be limited, meaning you may have to wait for a spot to open up when you’re in a rush.

With an EV charging station in your garage, you won’t ever need to leave your home to charge your vehicle. You can also charge the EV overnight while you’re asleep, removing any need to wait around at charging stations. By installing an at-home charging station, you can take full advantage of your EV’s capabilities and remove the hassle of public EV charging stations.

2. Better EV Battery Protection

Though many public charging stations offer fast charging, this charging method can damage your battery and reduce its life. Essentially, fast charging heats your battery more than a slower method, leading to faster battery degradation. With an at-home charger, your car will charge slower, but its battery will be protected from breaking down early. Plus, since you can charge your vehicle at night, slower charging tends not to be an issue for homeowners.

3. More Cost-Effective Charging

While the initial EV charging station costs can put some homeowners off, you should know that these at-home stations typically pay for themselves over time. For instance, the cost of fully charging an EV with a 200-mile range will only be around $6 when your home’s electricity rate is 10.7 cents per kilowatt-hour. 

If you charge your EV at a charging station outside your home, you’ll likely have to pay a surcharge for the electricity consumed, leading to a higher cost per recharge. Since charging at public locations will usually be more expensive than charging at home, an at-home EV charger can pay for itself, offsetting the initial purchase and installation costs.

4. Higher Chance of Receiving Rebates or Government Incentives

One of the biggest appeals to switching to an EV over a gas guzzler is the ability to lower your carbon footprint. Though saving the environment is great in its own right, it also gives you a chance to receive government incentives. As the government wants to reduce carbon emissions, they’ll often offer rebates and incentives for homeowners who want to install EV chargers at their homes. As a result, you can often reduce EV charger installation costs by checking current offerings from local, state, and federal governments.

5. Improved Home Resale Value

Alongside giving you cost-effective charging, EV chargers can improve your home’s resale value. As more drivers adopt electric vehicles, many home buyers look for homes with EV charging stations already installed. When your home already has an EV charger, you can often sell your home for a higher price due to the added convenience and cost-effectiveness of the station.

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