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Bonney Financing: Affordable Home Services For Every Budget

If you’ve ever had your air conditioner break down or a major plumbing issue spring up out of nowhere, you know how disruptive the costs to fix them can be to your wallet and budget. Instead of overcharging your credit card or putting a needed repair off until you have the money to pay for it all at once, you can turn to Bonney Financing for payment plans and financing options that work for you. 

Instead of trying to tough out a month without air conditioning or waiting until you have the cash to pay for a needed service, learn how Bonney Financing makes it possible to stay within budget while paying for home services.

What Is Bonney Financing?

Bonney Financing is designed to help our clients afford home services, especially when those services can’t wait. Whether you need HVAC, plumbing, drain and sewer, indoor air quality, or electrical services, you can use one of our financing options to receive it. 

The Main Financing Options Bonney Offers

As you look for the right financing option for the home service you require, you’ll have a few options at Bonney. Our primary financing options include those from Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing, FortiFi PACE, and Service Finance Company. Find out more about each of these options below:

  • PACE financing: Due to the many advantages of PACE program financing, Bonney is happy to help our clients receive it. With PACE financing, you can purchase clean energy products for your home and incorporate those payments into your property taxes. Since PACE financing lets you spread out your payments for clean energy projects over many years (usually 10 to 20 years), you can significantly reduce your energy consumption without paying high upfront costs for new energy-efficient products. 
  • FortiFi PACE financing: Due to our partnership with FortiFi, property owners can access low-interest, long-term financing for home upgrades meeting PACE requirements. As long as your home improvement products meet PACE’s water or energy-saving requirements, we can help you receive financing from FortiFi. Like PACE financing, FortiFi’s financing options are a great choice for homeowners who want to reduce their monthly water or energy costs without breaking the bank by paying for cutting-edge upgrades all at once.
  • Service Finance Company financing: We also partner with Service Finance Company (SFC) to give our clients access to financing for over 500 different home improvement products and services, such as solar equipment, kitchen remodeling, and HVAC work. The many products and services SFC finances give homeowners the opportunity to get the care needed for their homes without high upfront costs. 

Other Financing and Payment Options

Alongside our main financing options, we’ve extended our list of accepted credit cards to ensure our clients can finance their own projects with their preferred cards. We also offer multiple payment options for our services to give homeowners payment plans that work best for their budgets. For example, you can choose to receive deferred interest, deferred payment, and low long-term payment plans from us.

The 3 Benefits of Financing Home Services Through Bonney

As you decide if a financing option is right for you, consider some of the benefits of financing home services in Sacramento through Bonney:

  • Greater affordability and payment flexibility: If you’re in need of an HVAC service or product but are putting it off due to a high price point, HVAC financing can solve the issue. With Bonney Financing, you can receive personalized payment and financing options to ensure any service you receive from us matches your unique financial needs. This personalization keeps our products and services affordable for homeowners in Sacramento.
  • Fast response to breakdowns: When an HVAC system breaks down or a sewer system stops working, you’ll want to take care of it as fast as possible. Without financing, you might feel like you have to wait until you have enough cash to pay for all of a repair or full replacement. In contrast, HVAC financing from Bonney allows you to immediately pay for a fix, restoring your comfort without placing a financial burden on you.
  • Increased opportunities to utilize the most energy-efficient equipment: If you want to lower your energy bills or reduce your home’s impact on the environment, HVAC financing makes it easy to access the newest equipment. Since the most cutting-edge equipment tends to come at a higher price point, HVAC financing can give you the chance to purchase this new equipment at an affordable price point.

Choose Bonney for Affordable Home Services in Sacramento

If any of the previously described financing options interest you, our team will be happy to walk you through the financing application process. With our assistance, we’ll help you find the right financing option from one of our providers, ensuring you receive the lowest rate possible. Due to our financing options, we’re proud to provide homeowners in Sacramento with affordable HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and drain & sewer services. You can also review our many coupons to save even more money on our services.

Learn more about our financing options today. If you have any questions or want to schedule a service appointment, please contact us.