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Do I Need an EV Charging Station at My Business?

With over 1.2 million zero-emission vehicles sold in California as of 2022, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more popular among consumers. This rise in consumer adoption has led many Sacramento-based businesses to wonder if they should invest in EV chargers for their business. If you’re one of those businesses, take a minute to review the main benefits of installing EV charging stations on your company’s property and decide for yourself.

1. Draw New Customers and Increase Revenue

As more EV drivers hit the road, the demand for publicly available EV chargers has also increased. When EV chargers look for EV Charging stations, they’ll often use EV charging finder apps, like Plugshare or ChargeHub. Once you install your chargers, you can add your location to these apps so EV drivers can easily find your chargers. Your presence on these apps will help to draw new customers to your business and increase your visibility among EV owners.

Besides gaining visibility on apps, you can advertise your new charging stations through more conventional methods to attract new customers. Regardless of how you advertise, making people aware of your EV charging stations will often translate to more customers and increased revenue. You can also charge customers for using your chargers, allowing you to eventually make a profit on them and add another revenue stream to your business.

2. Increase Customer Retention and Loyalty

Since EV charging stations aren’t as common as gas stations, many EV owners are always looking for more convenient locations to charge their vehicles. If they have to choose between your business or a competitor, they may end up going to the business that has an EV charger they can use while doing their shopping. 

By having EV chargers at your business, you’ll raise the chances of EV owners returning to your store and seeing you as a place they can rely on for their charging needs. When you install EV chargers, you’ll also show EV owners you value them as customers and improve your brand image to eco-conscious consumers, raising customer loyalty as a result.

3. Improve Employee Satisfaction and Attract Top Talent

Alongside improving a customer’s experience at your business, EV chargers can raise employee satisfaction. For example, employees with EVs will enjoy having a charging station they can plug their vehicle into while they work. The greater sustainability of EV chargers can also inspire employees to take more pride in their employer and their work, as many will be happy to work at a business that cares about investing in green energy sources. 

On top of improving employee happiness, EV charging stations can attract top talent and serve as a reason prospective employees might choose to accept your offer over another’s. EV chargers immediately show prospective employees that you value your staff members and send a message that you’re committed to sustainability. If a prospective employee is deciding whether to work for you or a competitor, EV charging stations might just be the perk they need to tip the scales in your favor.

Choose Bonney for EV Charger Installation in Sacramento

With all of the benefits of EV chargers, Bonney is proud to provide EV charging station installation to businesses in Sacramento and the surrounding areas. When you reach out to us for EV charger installation, our team can evaluate your property, help you choose the right type of station for your business, and complete installation as fast as possible. Since we partner with ClipperCreek, we ensure our clients receive the most reliable, safe, and affordable Level 1 and Level 2 charging stations. Learn more about our EV charger installation services today. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, please contact us.