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3 Kinds of Sewer Solutions: Which is Right for You?

If your home is showing any of the main signs of a sewage issue, such as frequent backups, septic pooling in your yard, sudden rodent or insect issues, slow drains, or extra green patches in your yard, you need a sewer solution to solve it. Instead of immediately hiring a sewer technician to perform an open trench replacement, you should know there are two other less invasive solutions you can use to potentially fix your sewage issue. 

By knowing the differences between trenchless sewer repair, trenchless sewer replacement, and open trench replacement, you can select the perfect sewer solution for your needs.

1. Trenchless Sewer Repair 

Sometimes called pipe lining, trenchless sewer repair is a sewer solution that uses an industrial-grade sleeve coated in epoxy to line a damaged pipe. A sewer technician will insert this sleeve into your pipe without any invasive digging, meaning your yard won’t need to be dug up to fix your sewer line. Once the sleeve is inserted, the epoxy helps protect a damaged sewer line or a section of the line from intrusive tree roots and further harm.

After a sewer technician inspects your line with a camera and determines that a trenchless sewer repair will solve your issues, they’ll first clean out any debris or tree roots in your pipe. When the line is completely cleared, the technician will pull the epoxy-coated sleeve through it. Next, they’ll ensure the sleeve forms into a strong round liner, and once the epoxy hardens, the liner will have essentially created a new pipe inside your old one.

When Do You Need a Trenchless Sewer Repair?

A trenchless sewer repair is a great option when you have solid, round pipes that haven’t been structurally damaged. However, significantly degraded pipes or those with structural damage due to corrosion or tree roots will need a full replacement. Generally, trenchless sewer repairs are only right for homeowners whose pipes have minimal damage, such as small leaks or cracks.

2. Trenchless Sewer Replacement 

Sometimes called pipe bursting, trenchless sewer replacement is another sewer solution many homeowners turn to. Unlike a trenchless sewer repair that inserts a sleeve into your pipe, a trenchless sewer replacement involves an entirely new replacement pipe being pulled through your old line. Like trenchless sewer repairs, this solution is non-invasive, meaning the technician won’t need to dig a trench in your yard to replace your damaged line. 

Before a technician performs a trenchless sewer replacement, they’ll inspect your line with a specialized camera to make sure this solution will solve your issue. Once they’ve determined it will be beneficial, they’ll dig entry and exit holes on both ends of your sewer. Next, they’ll fuse together sections of pipe, creating a new pipe long enough to fit in your sewer line.

With the pipe sections fused, the technician will pull a cone-shaped bursting head through the old line. This bursting head will enlargen the old pipe, so the new pipe will fit. After the technician bursts your old pipe, they’ll insert the new one inside the shell of the old one.

When Do You Need a Trenchless Sewer Replacement?

A trenchless sewer replacement is right for you if corrosion or tree roots have caused some structural damage to your pipes. Since it’s a trenchless option, it’s also a perfect option for homeowners who don’t want technicians digging up their yards to locate the entire old pipe. However, this solution shouldn’t be done if the replacement pipe can’t be pulled through due to the old pipe being majorly degraded or if a complete pipe collapse has occurred.

3. Open Trench Sewer Replacement

Of the three main sewer solutions, open trench sewer replacement is generally a last resort and the most invasive option. As the name suggests, open trench sewer replacement requires a technician to dig a trench through your yard to locate and find the pipe. They may also need to dig through the sidewalk or street, depending on the location of your sewer line.

Like trenchless repair and placement solutions, the open trench sewer replacement process starts with a camera inspection. If the inspection reveals that trenchless options aren’t possible, the technician will dig a trench to access your old pipe. Finally, they’ll replace the old pipe with a new one, refilling the trench once the job is completed.

When Do You Need an Open Trench Replacement?

Due to the invasive digging required to conduct an open trench replacement, you’ll only need an open trench replacement if trenchless repair or replacement services aren’t possible. For example, collapsed or significantly degraded pipes will require an open trench replacement.

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