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7 Signs You May Need New Ceiling Fan Installation

When it’s warm out, but not too warm, a ceiling fan is a great option for cooling down your home without having to kick your air conditioner into high gear and pay higher energy bills. While ceiling fans are perfect for homeowners wanting to conserve energy, they can struggle to do so if they start to fail. To get the benefits of using a ceiling fan, you’ll likely want to know the seven main signs you need a new ceiling fan installation and replacement.

1. Your Ceiling Fan Wobbles

Since a wobbling or rocking ceiling fan can indicate that the parts responsible for securing the fan have broken or are in the process of breaking, it’s important to stop using the fan until a professional can inspect it. During an inspection, an Electrical Technician can see if your ceiling fan needs to be replaced or if the issue is repairable. For example, excess dust build-up, misaligned blades, or loose screws can usually be fixed, while broken parts typically mean the fan should be replaced.

2. Your Fan Is Rotating Slowly

If you’ve noticed your fan isn’t rotating as fast as it used to, it’s likely struggling to circulate air efficiently. One potential reason for a slower fan could be worn-out components. Other possible issues that could result in diminished speed include a faulty control switch or a damaged capacitor. If any of these problems are the cause behind your fan rotating slowly, you’ll need an electrician to inspect the fan and potentially replace it.

3. You Have a Noisy Ceiling Fan

When a fan starts making annoying noises, you’ll probably need a replacement. Since a noisy ceiling fan is usually a symptom of broken or worn-out components, an electrician will need to inspect it. In their inspection, they’ll check for safety issues and give you a recommendation on whether you’ll need to repair or replace the fan.

4. Your Ceiling Fan Is Old, and You Want to Lower Your Energy Bills

Homeowners interested in improving their home’s energy efficiency can do so by replacing an older fan with a new one. Since newer fans often come with ENERGY STAR certifications and higher ratings, they can help you lower your energy use and save money on your electricity bills. Ceiling fans with a higher energy efficiency rating can also help you go green, as their greater efficiency and durability results in reduced greenhouse gas emissions and less waste. 

5. You Want to Improve Your Home’s Look

Even when an older fan is performing well, you might want to look for a replacement if you’re renovating your home or trying to give it a more modern look. Since you can’t fix an out-of-style ceiling fan that clashes with your home’s appearance, it’s time to hire an electrician for ceiling fan replacement services. You might also want to talk to the electrician about any specific styles for a ceiling fan you’re looking for and if they recommend any specific brands. 

6. Your Ceiling Fan Doesn’t Turn On or Off

If a ceiling fan doesn’t turn on or off, its internal wiring might be at fault or its motor could be dead. Due to the potential for a serious electrical issue, you’ll only want to trust an electrician to inspect the fan. You’ll likely need to replace the fan if you have a dead motor or the internal wiring is at fault. 

7. You Keep Having to Repair the Fan

If your ceiling fan is constantly breaking and needing repairs, it could be best to just cut your losses and purchase a new one. While a repair will cost less than a full replacement, constant repairs can add up over time and end up costing more than paying for a replacement sooner would have. Instead of dealing with an untrustworthy ceiling fan, save your money and time by investing in a new one.

Choose Bonney for Ceiling Fan Installation Services in Sacramento

If your ceiling fan is struggling or you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency or appearance, turn to Bonney for ceiling fan replacement and installation services. Our team of certified electricians can inspect your ceiling fan to see if it needs a full replacement or a repair and then perform whatever service you require. Besides our ceiling fan services, we also offer several other electrical services and coupons to give our customers the best experience possible.

Find out more about our ceiling fan installation services today. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.