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How to Ensure Your Bathrooms are Holiday Ready

As the holiday season approaches, you’ll likely have guests visiting you to share in the holiday cheer. Since you probably want to impress your guests and ensure they’re as comfortable as possible, it’s crucial to prepare your bathroom, especially if you plan on hosting guests for a few days. You can easily get your bathroom ready for the holidays by following a few bathroom preparation tips.

8 Top Tips for Preparing Your Bathrooms for the Holidays

Before you have guests over for the holidays, it’s critical your bathroom looks great and everything is working. Some of the top ways you can prepare your bathroom range from stocking up on necessities to hiring someone to perform a shower repair. As you get your bathroom ready for the holidays, review our main tips below: 

1: Give your bathroom a thorough cleaning 

Everyone loves a clean bathroom, and as the holidays approach, it’s a great first step to thoroughly clean your bathroom. Scrub your toilet, shower, and sinks until they look brand new, and make sure all your mirrors and counters are free of dust or other debris. Keep microfiber towels around after you finish cleaning, as you can use them daily to quickly wipe off your sinks, faucets, and mirrors.

2: Inspect your water heater

When your guests are staying over for the holidays, you’ll need more hot water for showers. Before anyone arrives at your home, check your water heater’s capacity to ensure it can hold enough water to keep everyone warm. If you don’t know how to check your water heater or have already been having issues with receiving consistently warm water, contact a water heater repair professional for an inspection.

3: Stock up on necessities

When you have guests over, they’ll use up your toilet paper, towels, soap, and other bathroom necessities faster than you would by yourself. Fill up your cabinets and drawers with extra items you know your guests will likely need to ensure there aren’t any bathroom necessity shortages while people are visiting.

4: Set a strict flushing policy

Toilets and plumbing systems are only designed to handle toilet paper. If you leave out sanitary napkins, facial tissues, or baby wipes in your bathroom, make sure your guests know not to throw them down the toilet and instead dispose of them in a wastebasket. Even “flushable” sanitary wipes aren’t really flushable, so for the sake of your plumbing system, set a toilet-paper-only policy for your toilet.

5: Use holiday-themed scents

Make your bathroom more inviting by outfitting it with holiday candles. You can find candles with scents of cinnamon, pine, or spiced orange that your guests will be almost sure to love. If you’ll have young children using the bathroom and want to avoid fire risks, you can always plug in an air freshener with a holiday-themed scent instead.

6: Prepare your drains

During the holidays, your drains will usually have to handle more waste. One of the best ways to prepare your drains for the holidays is by hiring a company to perform drain cleaning services. An in-depth drain cleaning will involve a professional unclogging your bathroom’s showers, toilets, sinks, and bathtub. Drain cleanings help protect your home from clogged sewer lines and prevent any foul odors from coming out of your drains.

7: Schedule a remodel

If you’re already tired of how your guest bathroom looks, use the holidays as a push to finally schedule a bathroom remodeling job. Renovations can include the installation of new fixtures, jetted tubs, and ADA compliant improvements. Alongside full bathroom remodels, you might also want a smaller-scale shower renovation to spruce up the look of your shower or help people reduce their water usage.

8: Hire a professional inspector

With all the complexities of your bathroom’s plumbing system, it’s a great idea to have a professional look at it before the extra use of the holidays puts more stress on it. After an inspector conducts an inspection and provides you with information, you can have them perform a toilet repair or other needed task to ensure you won’t have any surprises come the holiday season.

Choose Bonney for Your Holiday Remodeling and Plumbing Needs in Sacramento and Concord

Whether you need a toilet replacement or full shower renovation in Sacramento or Concord, Bonney can help. Our team of plumbing experts is happy to inspect your home before the holidays and give you recommendations to ensure your bathroom is holiday-ready. Since we know the holidays come with extra costs, we offer various coupons you can use to receive the most cost-effective plumbing services possible.

Prepare your bathroom for the holidays by reviewing our plumbing and renovation services today. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, please feel free to contact us.