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Do I Need a New Furnace?

In the winter, you need a furnace that works. Unfortunately, furnaces don’t last forever, and you’ll eventually need to replace your furnace with a new one to ensure your home stays warm over the coldest months of the year. By knowing the main signs of needing a new furnace, you can take action fast before your furnace breaks down when you need it most or your energy costs become unmanageable.

6 Signs You Need a New Furnace

Any furnace will need to be replaced eventually, and it’s essential homeowners know when their old furnace is showing signs it’s ready to retire. Find out more about the six main signs you need a new furnace below:

1) You Begin Seeing High Energy Bills 

A furnace uses a lot of energy to heat your home, and as it grows older, it will usually start to be much less energy efficient. If your energy bills are higher than last year and your energy company hasn’t raised its rates, your old furnace might be at fault. Replacing your old furnace with a new one can help you lower your energy bills, with the new furnace potentially paying for itself in energy savings. 

2) Your Furnace Requires Frequent Repairs

When a furnace starts to reach the end of its life, it will need more frequent repairs. If you’ve noticed your unit has required lots of furnace repairs over the last two years, it’s usually time to replace it. Since continuing to repair an older unit will increase your expenses, it’s usually more cost-effective to replace the furnace.

3) You Hear Strange Noises Coming From Your Furnace

If you hear strange noises after turning on your furnace, it might be time to replace it. Banging, rattling, or popping noises can all be signs your furnace is starting to break down. Before you replace the unit, have a professional inspect it to see where the noises are coming from and give you advice on whether you should repair or replace it. 

4) Your Home Struggles to Maintain a Consistent Temperature

When rooms in your home are always too cold or too hot, you might need to replace your furnace. A damaged furnace won’t properly heat all the rooms in your home, leading to large temperature swings in different rooms. While this improper temperature distribution might be an issue with your thermostat instead, you’ll want to hire an HVAC professional to inspect your system and see if your furnace is causing the issue.

5) You Notice Rust or Cracks on Your Furnace

As your furnace ages, it will likely start to rust or develop cracks in it. If you notice corrosion or other signs of damage, you may need to replace your unit. You can hire an HVAC professional to perform a furnace service inspection and tell you what they recommend to help you decide if it’s time for a replacement.

6) Your Furnace is Getting Old 

The average life of an electric furnace is 15 years, and the life expectancy of a gas furnace is between 12 and 15 years. When your furnace is approaching the 15 or 18-year mark, you’ll want to keep an eye on it to see if it’s starting to show signs it’s beginning to break down or become inefficient. If you’ve started to notice performance issues or have to constantly repair the unit, you’ll likely need a furnace replacement.

What to Do If You Need a New Furnace

If your furnace shows any of the signs listed above, it’s best practice to hire a certified technician to inspect your unit. After they inspect the unit, they should give you a recommendation about whether it needs repairs or a replacement. A great technician will also walk you through your replacement options and help you find a furnace able to handle your home’s unique heating needs.

Choose Bonney for New Furnace Installation in Sacramento

When you need furnace replacement in Sacramento, turn to Bonney. We have also partnered with Big Air to serve the Concord community. Our team can inspect your system and give you recommendations about the various furnace options on the market today. We can even install the unit for you and ensure everything is working properly. Alongside our replacement services, we can also perform various furnace repairs to keep your unit running at peak efficiency. We complement our furnace services by offering various deals and coupons to help you receive the most cost-effective option possible. Learn more about our furnace installation services today. If you’re ready to schedule an inspection or service, please feel free to request an appointment.