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5 Common Toilet Problems and How to Repair Them

New toilet fixed by a Bonney plumber

Toilets might not always be at the forefront of your thoughts, but when common toilet problems arise, addressing them swiftly becomes a priority. Fortunately, many of these issues can be resolved through straightforward toilet repair. The plumbing experts at Bonney have compiled insights into five common toilet problems and the toilet repairs they necessitate.

Problem 1: Constantly Running Toilet

A continuously running toilet is one of the most frequent toilet issues. This problem causes the toilet to cycle on and off endlessly, even when not in use, leading to a significant increase in water bills and the wasteful use of clean water. In severe cases, a malfunctioning toilet that doesn’t properly stop water flow can result in overflows and potentially severe water damage.

Toilet Repair Solution:

The usual suspect behind a running toilet is a faulty flapper, which is meant to seal the water tank when the toilet is idle. If the flapper fails to seal correctly after flushing, it allows water to flow non-stop, causing the toilet to run. Replacing the flapper typically resolves this issue. It’s crucial to ensure the new flapper is compatible with your toilet’s design and that the chain is correctly adjusted for optimal performance.

Problem 2: Toilet Water Runs Too Long

If you notice the water in your toilet tank continues to run long after refilling, it’s likely an issue with the fill valve, which controls the water’s on and off mechanism post-flush. A malfunctioning fill valve due to debris buildup or wear and tear can cause this problem.

Toilet Repair Solution:

Adjusting the fill valve to lower the water level may fix the issue. However, if the valve fails to stop the water flow properly, it indicates the internal gaskets have deteriorated, necessitating a new fill valve installation.

Problem 3: Toilet Leaks

Water leaks from the toilet can lead to excessive water bills and potential water damage. The source of a leak can vary, including corroded pipes, loose bolts, cracks, and more.

Toilet Repair Solution:

Inspecting the tank for obvious signs of leaks can sometimes save you a professional service call. However, if the leak source isn’t apparent, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a professional plumber to accurately identify and repair the leak.

Problem 4: Loose Toilet Handle

A loose toilet handle, which can hinder proper flushing, is a sign of a malfunctioning toilet. The handle should offer resistance, indicating it is engaging the chain and flapper mechanism inside the tank correctly.

Toilet Repair Solution:

Adjusting or replacing the chain might be necessary if it’s improperly sized or damaged. Ensuring the handle is securely mounted is also essential for proper operation.

Problem 5: Toilet Not Flushing

A non-flushing toilet is a clear indication of a problem. This could be due to a disconnected chain, insufficient water supply, or other issues.

Toilet Repair Solution:

Reconnecting the chain or ensuring the water supply valve is open and the tank is filled are primary steps. In some cases, valve replacement or professional assistance may be required.

Local Toilet Repair Services by Bonney

For residents experiencing toilet issues in the greater Sacramento area and beyond, Bonney’s professional plumbers are ready to assist. Our team is equipped to handle all your toilet repair needs efficiently and effectively. Schedule your repair service online or contact us to begin resolving your toilet problems today.