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What Should I Set My Thermostat To?

Are you in the middle of a thermostat war? As the temperatures wavier between cold nights and warm days, this time of year can escalate your battles over temperature settings. While 72℉ is widely accepted at the “ideal” temperature, the right thermostat setting for your home can vary based on your preferences, your area, your home, your unit, and the outdoor climate. The HVAC and energy efficiency experts at Bonney are here with a closer look at recommended thermostat settings.

Best Thermostat Settings for While You Are Away

Whether you are on vacation or at work, money spent on comfort control in an empty home can send funds down the drain. While you are away, the Department of Energy suggests programming your thermostat to be 7℉-10℉ degrees higher or lower than your usual settings. This range adjustment will help you save energy without making your system overwork once you return home. 

What about your furry friends? Should you leave your heating or air conditioning on for your pet while you are away? Our research suggests yes. It is best to keep your home comfortable for your pet’s wellness and safety—especially if you can afford the extra costs. However, unlike your partner, roommate, or children, they may not mind if you adjust the thermostat by a degree or two for a little energy conservation.

Best Thermostat Settings for Energy Savings

Smart home temperature control can save you up to 10% on your heating and cooling costs. The Department of Energy suggests using as little energy as comfortably possible. In the winter, this means setting the thermostat to your lowest comfortable settings, while adjusting temperatures to your highest comfortable settings in the summer. Read more detailed seasonal recommendations below.

What is the Best Fall and Winter Thermostat Setting?

In the fall and winter, turning your heating system up too high can create uncomfortably dry air. Not to mention, heating tends to cost more than cooling, so you may see your energy costs jump with higher heat settings. While the general “ideal” setting is considered 72℉, you might consider lowering your thermostat to 68℉-71℉ to conserve energy. 

For those who run colder, you might consider raising your thermostat to 72+ degrees for extra comfort. If you do choose a higher temperature setting, consider turning on a humidifier to offset winter dryness. You can also help keep your home warm by opening the blinds during the day to let in sunlight. 

What is the Best Thermostat Setting For Spring and Summer?

During the warmer months, what thermostat settings should you choose for your air conditioning system? If you use 72℉ as a baseline, you might consider bumping your temperature up to 73℉-75℉ on milder days. This will allow your air conditioner to run comfortably in your home while helping you save money. Conversely, if you tend to run hot, you might lower your thermostat to 68℉-71℉ in the summer. Lower settings will promote extra comfort, but they also may drive your energy usage up.

Thermostat Settings and Comfort

While it may not help resolve your thermostat war, one of the primary motivations behind making thermostat decisions is comfort. Your “ideal” settings may vary day-to-day based on your personal preferences.

If you are trying to settle a thermostat battle or save money, additional temperature regulators may be able to help promote comfort, such as blankets, space heaters, fans, warm/cool drinks, etc. At the end of the day, only you can be the judge of which temperature settings are right for your home. With all other factors aside, you can let your comfort drive your thermostat decisions. 

Bonney HVAC Support in Sacramento

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