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Bonney Announces the Launch of 123 Sewer & Drain

Bonney Announces the Launch of its New Residential Drain and Sewer Program, “123 Sewer and Drain”

Bonney Plumbing, Heating, Air & Rooter Service, known for their superior sewer and drain services, has officially announced this week its launch of their newest program offer for residential sewer and drain cleaning. This program is called 123 Sewer and Drain and focuses on a specialized three step process.

These processes consist of:

  1. clearing and cleaning the clogged mainline
  2. video camera inspection of the mainline with no additional cost added
  3. a written report of the work done with a 123-day clog-free guarantee.

The guarantee ensures that the cleared clogged will not return within 123 days, but if it does, Bonney will come out again and clear the clog for no additional charge.

This new drain and sewer program allows Bonney to spotlight the superior drain cleaning service that is part of their extensive portfolio. Much like the BAM program (Bonney Automatic Maintenance), 123 Sewer and Drain is a specialized service that offers added value to their customers. “As industry leaders in sewer and drain services, we are constantly looking for ways to add value for our customers,” said Laurie Johnson, CEO of Bonney Plumbing, Heating, & Air. “We truly believe that our 123 Sewer and Drain program can do this by offering a low-cost high-value option for drain cleaning.”

The 123 Sewer & Drain program will be available through all Bonney Companies, in Greater Sacramento, Marin County and Cal Coast Plumbing in Pleasanton. Customers can take advantage of this new program immediately.


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