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#BonneyCares March Events

Bonney Cares in March

The next few months have historically been very busy months for our #BonneyCares program; we attend a lot of fantastic events in our community and 2015 is looking like it’s going to be the best one yet! Kicking off our spring season is marvelous March.

Our first event this month happened with River City Food Bank and their annual Empty Bowls program. In previous years, we were lucky enough to get a sink as our bowl! We love working with River City Food Bank and this year’s Empty Bowls event was just as great as ever. One of the many reasons we love helping in our community is getting to see the positive effects that take place.

One of our community friends, the Assistance League of Sacramento, has relocated to a new building! We have worked closely with the Assistance League of Sacramento for the past two years now and are happy to announce that we will be donating all time and labor needed to install new plumbing systems in their new building. We have enlisted the help of our vendors in a joint effort to donate all the fixtures as well. This donation will help ensure that the new space is fitted properly and allow the Assistance League to focus on raising funds for its philanthropic programs instead.

Coming up towards the end of the month is the Volunteers of America Hiring Event. Working with the VOA has been a big part of our hiring process. We work closely with VOA and their STEP program, which links job candidates with our industry. We enjoy working with Volunteers of America because they are a part of our local community. This hiring event will take place on March 27th, 2015.

How does the largest Easter Egg Hunt in the world sound? Yeah, we are pretty excited about it as well! We can’t wait to team up with Blue Heart International again to be a part of this awesome event. Coming off of the success of the Snowflake Ball in January, we cannot wait to see how much money will be raised for Blue Heart and their extremely important cause. Join Blue Heart and Bonney in the beginning of April and be a part of a record breaking egg hunt at the State Capitol.

As always, we love being a part of this great community and participating in all of these wonderful causes. Coming together as a strong community is a sure way to make this a memorable March. We hope to see you out there!

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