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It’s Time for our Annual Warehouse Sale

Our annual warehouse sale runs from Friday October 19th, 11am – 6pm, to Saturday October 20th, 8am – 4pm. Come and visit us at 3906 Kristi Court, Sacramento, CA 95827. We look forward to seeing you!

Sale Items Include:

  • HVAC Equipment
    Furnaces, Condensers, Ductless Splits, Coils
  • HVAC Service Parts
    Thermostats, Circuit Boards, OEM Parts, Capacitors & Misc.
  • Plumbing Fixtures
    Faucets, Toilets, Water Heaters & Lavatories
  • Plumbing Supplies
    Repair Parts, Cartridges, Gas Valves & Misc.
  • Refrigeration Fittings & Supplies
    Copper Fittings, Valves & Misc.
  • Plumbing Pipe & Fittings
    Copper Fittings, Brass Nipples & Fittings, Galvanized & Black Fittings & Nipples, PVC Fittings, ABS Fittings, Brass Compression Fittings & Misc.
  • Air Duct Fittings & Supplies
    Return & Supply Air Grills, Registers, Sheet Metal Fittings
  • Electrical Material
    Wire, Fittings & Misc.
  • Computer Equipment
    Laptops, Towers, Printers, Fax Machines, Copiers, Supplies, Toner
  • Office Furniture & Supplies
    Desks, File Cabinets, Chairs & Misc.
  • Pallet Racking & Shelving
    Plastic Bins, Dividers & Misc.
  • Truck & Van Supplies
    Pipe Racks, Interior Shelving & Bins
  • Woodworking Machinery & Hand Tools
    Radial Arm Saw, Table Saws, Chainsaws, Skil Saws, Sawzalls, Drills & Misc. Hand Tools.
  • General Construction Tools
    Generators, Air Powered Tools, Air Jackhammers, Compaction Equipment, Wackers, Survey Equip- ment, Hand Tools, Cement Mixer, Shop Vacuums & Misc.
  • Plumbing Machinery
    Pipe Threading Machines, Sewer Snakes, Inspection Cameras
  • Sheet Metal Machinery & Tools
    Sheet Metal Breaks, Stomp- sheers, Spot Welders, Hand Tools
  • Sewer Trenchless Pull Equipment and Supplies Automotive Machinery & Tools
    Press Machines, Car Ramps, Jacks, Air Compressors, Air Tools, Hoses & Misc.
  • Construction Vehicles