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Central Air Supply Registers

One very important and often overlooked item in central heating and air conditioning systems is the supply registers that are attached to the ductwork. Many homeowners call them “vents” and they will be in each conditioned room in your home.

Why are these important? Well, they are the end of the line of the duct system and are very important for directional flow and velocity of the air into the room it services. Most of them have adjustable louvers and directional fins that direct the air. Many times the direction of the fins are incorrect or unnecessary and can hamper proper flow velocity.

One of the unique aspects of today’s modern forced air units are that they have a “squirrel cage” design. It is not like a typical blade fan like a ceiling fan but rather a round barrel with blades that moves the air. One of the downsides or challenges to this type fan is that when there’s enough resistance against it, or “static pressure”, it will not move more air even if it moves faster. To alleviate this type of static air resistance we need to design our ductwork to have as few bends as possible, be as tight as possible, sealed and, getting back to our discussion, not hindered by the type of supply register or vent at the very end of the duct run.

Solution? Ask your Heating and Air professional to talk to you about the best type of supply register for your home. A knowledgeable technician or comfort advisor will be able to discuss several options that will work best for your home and increase your system’s efficiency. At Bonney Plumbing, Heating and Air we employ NATE certified technicians and BPI certified Home Performance Analysts who can properly identify issues like this in your home and point out ways to improve your home’s efficiency and comfort. Call Bonney today and a friendly representative will talk with you about your home’s needs.