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Amazing Rebates Available!

Wow! I have spent years in this business and never have there been this many incentives to buy a new heating and air system!

Here are the following Rebates available for a new heating and air system:

SMUD: $400 to $5,000 (with some home upgrades) or Roseville Electric $200 to $750
PGE: $150 to $250
CEC $500 to $1300
Rheem $300 to $1000

Federal Tax Credit: $1500

For Example, If you are a SMUD customer and bought a 3 ton high efficiency Rheem system you can get up to $4650.00 back in rebates and credits right now! That is for the heating and air system alone. Do some insulation and energy sealing work on your home at you can add up to another $5000 in rebates for a total of $9,650 in rebates and credits.

There may never be a better opportunity to increase your home’s efficiency and comfort as there is right now. These funds will run out so be sure and call a reputable company like Bonney Plumbing, Heating and Air to take advantage right now.

Call 800-444-0551 and ask for James, a certified Building Performance Analyst to speak with you about this great opportunity.