Solar Electric

The Sacramento area is a prime location for solar electric or photo-voltaic (PV) electrical generation. Bonney systems are designed to make the most of your invested dollars. This includes a Bonney solar thermal water heating system.

Solar PV and solar thermal are fantastic add-ons to an energy efficient home. But, why generate electricity for a home that is wasting electricity? The best dollar investment is to increase your home’s efficiency and then generate electricity with fewer solar panels. This lowers your out of pocket costs and brings long term savings.

How it works:

Bonney’s solar PV systems actually connect to your home through your air conditioner (AC) condenser. This electricity will power the AC first, but provides electricity for the rest of the home when the AC isn’t running. If your home’s electrical demand is low enough during the day, your electric meter can actually spin backwards. In other words, you generate credits during the day to offset the charges created at night.


The panels in the Bonney PV system each contain their own micro-inverters, generating 220 volts. Since each panel has an inverter, electrical production continues if an individual panel becomes shaded, or if one panel has a failure. Because each panel works individually, this is the most efficient, most reliable way to run a PV system.


The system connects to the internet allowing you to monitor your home’s electrical generation from anywhere that you can connect, even from a smart phone. Each panel’s production can be viewed, as well as historical production. This detailed monitoring allows the home owner to quickly determine if a panel is not performing as expected, because each panel is monitored individually.

Super Green:

Because the Bonney PV system doesn’t store energy, it is “Super Green”. The lead acid batteries that are used to store electricity created by typical PV systems have a significant environmental impact in their manufacture and disposal. Bonney’s system simply creates electricity that is sent back to your local utility if not used by your home. No batteries required.

Home Grown:

With so many jobs going overseas, it is nice to know that your purchase of a Bonney PV system encourages local employment. Bonney’s PV panels are assembled in Los Gatos, CA, located in the south part of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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