Hydronic Heating

When considering energy efficiency, integrating your hot water heater and whole house heating can provide exceptional energy savings.  This integration is called hydronic heating.  This system is often used in commercial applications, but Bonney can make the energy efficiency from hydronic heating available in your home as well, meaning dollars in your pocket.

Hydronic heat is a higher quality heat than a forced air furnace.  Because the air is not “scorched” as it travels through your furnace, the humidity remains higher creating a more comfortable home. Hydronic heating heats the home more slowly, using less energy, in most cases.  Therefore it works very well with energy retrofit homes that experience little temperature change.

Tanked Water Heaters Hydronic Heating Systems

Tanked water heaters lose much of their energy as the water sits in the tank, waiting to be used.  In a hydronic system, the water is circulated through a hot water coil in the air handler.  The heated coil then heats the air blown over it and into your home.  The water is then is re-circulated back to the water heater.  Even though the water isn’t consumed, it causes the water heater to work more efficiently because heat isn’t lost by sitting in the tank.  Hydronic heat can be added to your home’s existing systems.

Tankless Water Heaters

Highly efficient tankless water heaters work especially well in hydronic systems. In fact, the tankless only produces the amount of energy needed to heat the water to the temperature required.  Therefore, when the water is used to heat your home, the tankless heater will only fire enough to meet the need of the hydronic coil.  As a result, only the amount of gas needed to heat the home is used; very efficient.  And, no energy is lost due to hot water sitting in the tank.  A Bonney hydronic system is an incredibly efficient system for maximum dollar savings.

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