Energy Saving

Are your utility bills too high? Do you want to find a way to be comfortable in your home while knowing that you are also helping the environment? Are you considering a solar installation or a heating and air conditioning replacement?

Consider a Bonney for all your green home improvement needs.  From solar water heaters and high efficiency toilets, Bonney’s got you covered!

Home performance is a mindset that seeks to create comfortable, long lasting, safe, and energy efficient homes by addressing the entire home as a complete working system. When you talk to a heating and air contractor, he will tell you that energy efficiency and comfort can come through a new heating and air system.  When you talk to an insulation contractor, he will tell you that energy efficiency and comfort can come through new insulation.

When you talk to a solar contractor, he will tell you the same thing.  But, all of these factors are important and a whole house approach is required.  Necessary components of home performance include air infiltration, insulation, ventilation, windows, heating and air conditioning, water heating, solar, water economy, moisture mitigation, safety and others.

Call Bonney today for your in home evaluation to determine if your home can benefit from Bonney’s Home Performance Retrofit program and our other green improvements.

Save money, improve comfort and protect the environment with Bonney!

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