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Backup Generators for Rancho Murieta, CA

Never be left in the dark during a blackout again! Bonney has Generac brand standby backup generators that can keep your home lit and humming along even when the power grid fails. Call today to ask us how!

Losing power is frustrating and stressful. It always comes at an inconvenient time. However, Bonney Plumbing, Heating, and Air can install a new backup generator outside your home so that you are never at the whim of blackouts and power outages.

The licensed and skilled technicians at Bonney can provide you with advice and guidance to choose the right generator model for your home so that you know you will have safe and secure backup power.

Blackouts and power outages are a way of life in California, so make sure that you do not have to suffer through hours of stress and annoyance. Here are some of the consequences of having no power for an extended period of time:

Impacts of Power Loss

  • No air conditioning
  • No heat
  • No water for those on properties with wells
  • Freezer food thaws
  • Refrigerator food spoils
  • No way to charge phones or devices
  • Computer systems shut down
  • TVs and game consoles don’t work
  • Appliances cannot be used

What is a Standby Backup Generator?

A standby backup generator is the failsafe for your electrical system. When the local power grid fails, a backup generator kicks into action to keep all of your lights on and your electronics and computers running. Since it is automatic, you will never have to worry about the food in your fridge, even if you are out of the house or even out of town. In fact, many generators can be operated remotely, so you can monitor the situation from anywhere.

With a portable generator, you need to be able to turn it on manually, even in the dark. With a standby generator, it will do all the work for you, so you can have as little interruption in your power as possible. During times when it is not in use, your backup generator will run self-diagnostic tests to make sure that it is fully ready for the next time it needs to spring into action.

Backup Generator Maintenance and Repair

Bonney Plumbing, Heating, and Air has built a reputation for courteous service and quality workmanship. We always put the client first on every job we do. When it comes to generators, we can inspect and maintain your unit so that it is always in tip-top shape. That means we clean the filters, top up the fuel, and test all of the components.

If your generator needs a more involved repair, or it has been damaged, then do not delay before calling Bonney. There’s no telling when a blackout will strike, so make sure that you are not unprotected for too long. We will get someone to your door quickly who can assess and repair the problem as efficiently as possible.

We Carry Generac and Other Generator Models

There are many generator products on the market, and which one is right for you will depend on many factors. A representative at Bonney Plumbing, Heating, and Air can help you choose the right one. We have Generac backup generators available, including:

  • PowerPact 7.5kW home backup generator with 8-circuit transfer switch
  • Guardian 9kW home backup generator with 16-circuit transfer switch WiFi enabled
  • Guardian 11kW home backup generator with 16-circuit transfer switch WiFi enabled
  • Guardian 16kW home backup generator with whole-house switch WiFi enabled
  • Guardian 20kW home backup generator with whole-house switch WiFi enabled
  • Guardian 3-phase 20kW automatic standby generator
  • Guardian 22kW home backup generator with whole-house transfer switch WiFi enabled
  • QT Series 70KW-150kW home backup generators

We also carry and install backup generators designed for businesses.

The Best Backup Generator Company in Rancho Murieta

If you’re in Rancho Murieta, never settle for anything less than the best. Bonney Plumbing, Heating, and Air is your one-stop shop for all generator needs in Central and Northern California.