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Backup Generators for Galt, CA

Do not get left in the dark when there is a power outage. Bonney Generac brand standby backup generators can keep everything in your home or business turned on even when the rest of the area is left in the dark. Call today for an estimate.

Nobody likes it when the power goes out, except maybe children looking for an adventure. Power loss can be an incredible inconvenience, but Bonney Plumbing, Heating, and Air can protect you against power loss by installing a generator outside your home.

The licensed and skilled electricians at Bonney will install the perfect backup power equipment for your home or business, so that you can rest easy knowing that your home is protected.

There are more and more power outages all the time in California. Many last only a minute or two, but many can last for several hours. The longer you are without power, the more problems and disruptions it can cause.

Impacts of Power Loss

  • No air conditioning
  • No heat
  • No water for those on properties with wells
  • Freezer food thaws
  • Refrigerator food spoils
  • No way to charge phones or devices
  • Computer systems shut down
  • TVs and game consoles don’t work
  • Appliances cannot be used

What is a Standby Backup Generator?

A standby backup generator will automatically activate when the building loses power. There is a transfer switch on the unit that will sense a loss of power and switch the electrical load over to itself. It will continue to function until the power utility restores regular service. You will not experience any disruption in your power.

Backup generators are not affected by any issues with the power grid or the elements. They are powered by propane or natural gas, so all that’s needed is for their fuel levels to stay where they need to be. Standby generators will also automatically test themselves to check for issues and to make sure they are ready for an eventual blackout. You can even operate some models remotely using your smartphone or tablet.

Backup Generator Maintenance and Repair

Galt residents know that when it comes to backup generator maintenance and repair, Bonney Plumbing, Heating, and Air is the best place to call. We have experienced professionals who can carry out thorough inspections to make sure your unit is functioning properly. If anything is not working right, they will provide maintenance services to get it back to its best. These services can include testing load banks, upgrading parts, inspecting connections, and changing out filters.

A time might come when you need a repair for your generator. If you think that’s the case, then call Bonney right away to have one of our electricians come and take a look. In many cases, we can have someone to your door to assess and fix the problem before the day is out. Before doing any repair work, we will provide you with an estimate that covers anything that needs to be done.

We Carry Generac and Other Generator Models

There are many types of generator products on the market, and Bonney Plumbing, Heating, and Air offers a vast array of options, including Generac models. Depending on your needs and budget, we will help you choose a product that works for you. The Generac backup generators we have available are:

  • PowerPact 7.5kW home backup generator with 8-circuit transfer switch
  • Guardian 9kW home backup generator with 16-circuit transfer switch WiFi enabled
  • Guardian 11kW home backup generator with 16-circuit transfer switch WiFi enabled
  • Guardian 16kW home backup generator with whole-house switch WiFi enabled
  • Guardian 20kW home backup generator with whole-house switch WiFi enabled
  • Guardian 3-phase 20kW automatic standby generator
  • Guardian 22kW home backup generator with whole house transfer switch WiFi enabled
  • QT Series 70KW-150kW home backup generators

We also carry and install backup generators designed for businesses.

The Best Backup Generator Company in Galt

Bonney Plumbing, Heating, and Air prides itself on providing five-star standby backup generator installation, maintenance, and repair services for people in Galt and the surrounding area. In Central and Northern California, there is no one better. Do not wait until the lights go out. Call us today for an estimate and to discuss your generator options.