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Backup Generators for Sacramento, CA

Be prepared for the next power outage! Bonney Generac Brand standby backup generators will keep you powered and your lights on. Call us today for an estimate.

It’s no fun when the power goes out. At Bonney, our local experts understand the strain power outages put on homes and businesses in the Sacramento area. This is why we offer generator installation among our electrical services—as one more way that we care for our customers.

Bonney electrical technicians are skilled professionals who install the right power backup equipment in your home or business to give you peace of mind in the event that you lose power.

California power outages have become more and more common. Sometimes they last just a few minutes; sometimes they last for a few hours. Longer periods of power loss can cause significant disruption to normal living and working.

Impacts of Power Loss

  • No air conditioning
  • No heat
  • No water for those on properties with wells
  • No ability to cook for those with electric stoves
  • Freezer food thaws
  • Refrigerator food spoils
  • No way to charge phones or devices
  • Computer systems shut down
  • TVs and game consoles don’t work
  • Appliances cannot be used

What is a Standby Backup Generator?

Standby backup generators are units that activate within seconds of a power loss. A transfer switch in the unit detects the power failure and automatically turns the generator on, transferring the electrical load. Until regular utility services are restored, the standby generator supplies power to all circuits. There is no skip or halt to regular living and working activities.

Backup generators run on propane or natural gas. They are typically installed outside. They differ from portable generators in that there is no manual start; these units turn on and off automatically. Most standby backup generators automatically test themselves regularly to ensure readiness for use. Some models can be operated remotely from a smartphone or tablet.

Backup Generator Maintenance and Repair

For backup generator maintenance and repair, Sacramento residents and business owners call Bonney Plumbing, Heating, and Air.  We only provide maintenance and repairs on generators that we install. Our experienced technicians perform detailed inspections and carry out thorough maintenance protocols, including checking fluid levels, testing load banks, changing fuel and air filters, inspecting connections, and upgrading worn out parts.

If your generator needs repairing, a Bonney electrical technician will evaluate the unit and give you an estimate for the repair work. Call us today to schedule an estimate visit.

Affordable Generators and Manual Transfer Switches

Even if you do not need a high-tech generator, you may still want backup power options for your home. Bonney also offers portable generators that you can connect to your major appliances during outages. To make the connection process even easier, we also offer manual transfer switches. Manual transfer systems connect your portable generator directly to your home’s electrical panel. This lets you seamlessly transition power over to your generator when an outage occurs. Our Bonney manual transfer systems make generators affordable, safe, and easy for our customers.

Bonney | Backup Generator Company in Sacramento

Bonney Plumbing, Heating and Air provides backup generator installations to the people of Sacramento and surrounding areas. We are among the leading backup generator providers in northern California. (Click here to see our service areas.) We carry a full line of backup generators that accommodate our customers’ varied capacity needs and budget constraints.

Are you thinking about installing a standby backup generator? Don’t wait until you’re in the middle of a power outage to decide. Contact the experts at Bonney for professional support. Our experts will help you choose the right generator for your needs.