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Sacramento Hydro-Jetter Drain Cleaning

Is your kitchen or laundry drain sluggish? Maybe your storm drain is backing up? Could your sewer main line be clogged with mud? Sometimes using the conventional method of running a snake down the drain doesn’t always fix the problem. When you run a snake down a line that has grease, sludge or mud impacting it, the end of your snake will only cut a hole in the blockage. Over time, gravity will close the hole back up and will cause a never ending cycle of blockage and backed up drains.

A Hydro-Jetter is a hose with a special high pressure head. This unique head has three jets that point backwards at an angle. Our certified technicians will send this hose down to the blockage and blast the clog with up to 1400 psi in your home secondary lines and up to 4000 psi on your main line. These jets scrub and clean the line with high powered water, which then carries the debris out into the city sewer line and has your line flowing like new.

Call Bonney Plumbing today at 800-444-0551 or schedule an appointment online to find out more about our hydro-jetter service for sewer drain cleaning.