Facebook Reviews

For your convenience, we’ve summarized our Facebook reviews here. You can always refer to our Facebook Page to see more.

“Kirk did a great job here although he turned off my gas to my heating up in the attic, it was for my own good, he said my heating unit was very dangerous and had been on a recall because it can cause a fire. I have had many A/C people up in my attic in the last 15 years and no one told me this, Kirk made sure my home insurance company, knew this and that they will be out to my home on Monday to verify the info he gave them and see that I get this fixed or replaced.”

- Plumbing in Sacramento on Sep 23rd, 2016

“Bonney Plumbing, Heating and Air, responded quickly when we called for a leaking water heater. Brandon showed up on time and was very professional. He gave us a quote for the job that was competitive with other companies. He also offered money saving options that will save us down the road. He made things as "painless" as possible. Thanks Brandon!”

- Plumbing in Sacramento on Sep 22nd, 2016

“Eddie R. was extremely efficient in identifying our HVAC problem. He answered every one of my questions, no matter how technical, which I appreciate. He didn't oversimplify or skimp on details, as I've frequently experienced in dealing with some male service providers in the past. Eddie kept me apprised of the status of ordering needed parts, and completed the job promptly. He is a valuable member of your team!
Thank you!
Laurel Love”

- Heating & AC in Sacramento on Sep 20th, 2016

“Very knowledgeable and professional. Great personality. Thorough cleaning of furnace and then some. Good recommendations as to possible replacement since the unit is 17 years old and has issues. Thanks John.”

- Heating & AC in Sacramento on Sep 15th, 2016

“Brandon K was pleasent and professional. We would recommend him”

- Heating & AC in Sacramento on Sep 15th, 2016

“I had Brittany Britland out to service my air conditioner which Bonney Heating and Air installed in 2014. She is a very personalble employee. Very thorough, professional and energetic.”

- Plumbing in Sacramento on Sep 14th, 2016

“Great Service, very efficient and prompt. Helpful information on equipment status, and system needs. Very knowledgeable service tech, makes for a great check up.”

- Plumbing in Sacramento on Sep 12th, 2016

“Bonney was able to respond to my call within a few minutes. Marvin provided excelllent, friendly service and completed the job in an hour.”

- Heating & AC in Sacramento on Sep 9th, 2016

“Jeremy was great. Diagnosised the problem, located the parts and got my tankless water heater working again. The liked his professionalism, attention to detail and promptness. Thanks Jermey and Bonney Plumbing.”

- Plumbing in Sacramento on Sep 9th, 2016

“Nick King came out to check my heating in preparation for the upcoming cooler weather. While he, I inquired about the loud start my air conditioner has upon start ups. After checking my heating, he proceeded to troubleshoot my AC noise. Nick was so thorough, professional, friendly and personable. He just went the extra mile to resolve this concern. I am well satisfied.”

- Heating & AC in Sacramento on Sep 7th, 2016

“Brittany did an excellent job on our system checkout.”

- Plumbing in Sacramento on Sep 6th, 2016

“Brittany just left my home and she did an awesome job! My heating and air conditioning unit was tuned up and everything was explained to me clearly and professionally. Thank you Brittany and Bonney Plumbing, Heating, and Air!”

- Plumbing in Sacramento on Sep 3rd, 2016

“The service and information Given by Marvin was professional and proficient. I very much liked his demeanor and his helpful attitude. He was outgoing and likable. He is an excellent representative for you company. I have used Bonney plumbing for years.”

- Plumbing in Sacramento on Sep 3rd, 2016

“Martin H. came out this morning to fix clogged drains in a bath tub and a shower stall. He clearly explained the process for the cabling and the challenges in working with 1947 pipes. He was polite and professional. I would definitely ask for him again if I need help with my drains.”

- Heating & AC in Sacramento on Sep 2nd, 2016

“I have had such a excellent service from this company, starting with the installing of a new furnace and air conditioner, yearly summer and winter inspections. I did receive a wrong call on my recent winter inspection this month but called the office and told them my problem was not solved and the next day a team of service pros Nolan and ach showed up and found and fixed the problem. I will continue on relying on the excellent service I have always received from this company and their employees, which I have found very friendly and caring.”

- Plumbing in Sacramento on Sep 2nd, 2016

“your service was excellent by Marvin your service rep. Answered any questions we had & was vary helpful .”

- Heating & AC in Sacramento on Aug 27th, 2016

“Kirk serviced my Heating and Air System a couple of weeks ago and went the extra mile. He answered all my questions in a simple and complete manner and provided suggestions to make my system run more efficiently, and not suggestions were necessarily at cost to me. He was thorough and friendly. I would definitely be pleased for him to return the next time I need service. Thanks, Kirk, for a job well done!”

- Heating & AC in Sacramento on Aug 26th, 2016

“Shane was cordial, informative, and very handsome!”

- Plumbing in Sacramento on Aug 23rd, 2016

“Nick was awesome. He explained everything clearly to me and my ex. Nick was cheerful even coming down from my hot nasty attic.”

- Plumbing in Sacramento on Aug 23rd, 2016

“Brittany was very professional, friendly and efficient. She did not push me to do more work than I was comfortable affording. She also liked my cat, who liked her, which is a good sign. I would definitely want her to service my unit in the future.”

- Heating & AC in Sacramento on Aug 18th, 2016